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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

" mhrap
pg may
problema ka
pag may
iniicp ka
pra lan
mkaiwas ka

hgit sa lhat...

ng iba..

pra lan mklimutan ung mhal m tlga! :( "

[ aiun. happie vday! ndi qoh nfil ang vday. bat gnun? it's lyk wen i woke up this morning it was lyk an ordinary day. den npa icp aq. i wuz thinking may occassion ngaun eh. but i dunno wat. so i looked at the calendar nd remembered. oh yeah. vday pla ngaun. yeah. hmn. onga vday. a tym for people to say " i love you " and " thank you " to all the people they luv nd even der enemies. hmn. yeah. ngwa qoh un. ngaun. but. bkt parang may kulang pa?

ders still sumthng missing.

kung baga parang dun sa puzzle. akala moh nbuo mo na nd u're ready to put it in a frame. pro den u noticed dat there's a blank space dun sa puzzle. so hnanap moh ung missing piece. but u can't find it. so the puzzle's left unfinshed. un nga. parang aqoh ngaun. akala qoh ngwa qoh n lhat. pro parang may nkalimutan aqng gwn eh. pro ndi qoh un alam. hmn. i don't get wat i said. weird.

bxta un. today. i'll forget about the hurt na naexperience qoh. i'll forget about the past. everythng. about dun sa person n un. 2day. kklimutan qoh na xa. na mnahal qoh p xa. i'll 4get abt the feelings that i got wen i met that person. KKLIMUTAN QOH NA ANG LHAT. kaia qoh toh! =)

yeah! go maRcie! hahah. ]

-- well. that felt a lot better! Ü --

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Friday, February 02, 2007

so. it's been quite a while since i've written here. and as usual. my last entry made no sense. it's just a song saying i love, goodbye to a person. hahah. nweii. back to reality. hmn.

feb. n pla. FEB. 2, 2oo7.

only 15 more days till i get another year older. i'm gonna be 13 yrs. old! hahah. yeah right. =p i wish.

hmn. a lot of really nice things happened to me in my 13- yr- old life.

i met lots of new friends. experienced a lot of adventure. accomplished a lot of things. realized a lot of stuffs. became a better person. =p and lots more.

tsaka madaming quotes ang nkapatama sa kin. hahah.

"if evr u'll find sumone hu makes u smyl through storms, comfort u till sundown. face the fact, kip nd never lt go of dat person. ders no 'right one' wen the 'real one' comes along!"

hmn. ay. gosh. i remembered. i still have something to do. whaha. more about reality later. hahah.

-- sorry if this made no sense again. as always =p --

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