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Monday, October 30, 2006

OH MY GOSH! 3 words..8 letters.. yun ang expression na super daming beses na sinabi qoh this day..

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

woah.. a lot of things happened to me sa retreat namen nung october 18- 20.. super saya talga yung retreat namin.. lemme tell you everything that happened to me in our retreat:

"naglakad ako papunta ng hanging bridge mag- isa. With no one with me. There I realized na you should also have time for yourself. Hindi lang parating kasama mo ang friends mo and stuffs. Nung naglalakad akong mag- isa, parang ang peaceful talaga. I felt the presence of God with me. I realized din na sobrang ganda pala ng mundo.

"Nagkaroon ako ng jokie jokie crush kay Maan, my everdearest sister! heheh! Ang galing niya kasing mag-guitara eh. Siguro dapat yun yung number one category ko para magustuhan ko ang isang boy. DAPAT MAGALING SIYANG MAG-GITARA!!! Wahahah!

"I've slept on the upper part of a double- decked bed! It was my very first time na gawin yun! Ang saya palang matulog dun. Makikita mo lahat. From the far part of the room, to the near end of the room.

"I've never seen any ghosts there. Pero sabi ng iba, may multo daw doon. Nung una, sobrang natakot talga ako dahil ang daming nagkukuento na maraming nagpapakita na ghosts doon. Siguro guni- guni lang nila yun. Eh sa ganda ba naman ng Caleruega, ba't may magpapakita ng multo doon?

"First time kong magserve ng food sa maraming tao. Ang saya pala gawin yun! Nung dinner, nagserve ako ng soup, which was really yummy. And nung breakfast, nagserve naman ako ng eggs. Pero, ang weird kaya ng eggs dun! Ang lalaki ng yolks tas ang liliit ng white thingie. Heheh!

"I learned a lot of things about our journey through life. Kahit onti lang ang activities, ang dami ko paring natutunan tungkol sa life. Thanks to Father Bosi! Kakatuwa ka talga!

"Picture Picture Moments. Father Bosi is a really good photographer! Ang galing niya talgang kumuha ng pictures! Hanga ako sa kanya! Wahahah!

"Nag-commentator ako sa mass namin sa last day ng retreat. Ang saya kaya! First time ko lang kasi ginawa yun eh.

"Nakakita kami ng jerky guys during our retreat. Super papansin talaga sila. And as if naman papatulan namin sila. They're 4th year high school students. Nung naglalakad nga ako papuntang hanging bridge, sinisssst nila ako. Parang ako naman sa isip ko, "Okay, whatever." Hindi ko nga sila pinansin. Then nung pauwi na kami, we were in the bus. The window isn't tinted that much so kita kame. Nung nakita namin si Father Bosi, kumaway kame sa kanya. It happened na yung mga epal na guys asa labas na rin at naghihintay ng bus nila. Ang feeler talaga nila! Bigla silang kumay. FEELER!

"Eto, pinakashocking na nangyari sa akin. While we were at the bus going home, tinanong sa akin ni Gabbie kung tibo ako. Repeat after me: HUH?! Ang weird naman nun. Muka ba akong tibo?

"Nabuo ang Lakbay and Beyond Moments or simply, LBM. Hahah!

"Napasalamatan at nakapag sorry na ako sa mga friendships ko. We had this activity during our last night sa retreat. We have to talk to the person we would like to thank or say sorry to. Halos lahat ng kinausap ko, napaiyak ko. Kahit si Donna na hindi umiiyak.

So many things hapened during our retreat. I will never forget these moments. Tsaka nung sa retreat. I realized na kahit only child lang ako, may foster sister pa ako sa buhay ko. SI MAAN. Sa kanya ko sinabi yung mga problems ko sa family. She's my super sister! Kaya, if your reading this Maan, thank you sa lahat! I LOVE YAH SO MUCH SIS!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

"Good things come in threes" That's what old folks would say sometimes. And you know what? I agree with them! Just this week, super BAD TRIP ako. Kasi yung mga projects and like that. A lot of things happened to me in just these short 2 days in school.

1. Investigatory Project. First I was really so stressed out by this. Then may nakita akong bigla na isa pang way para matapos yung i.p. namin. Napasa ko in time yung project. And we even got a +2 in our grade. OUR GRADE!!!

2. Our A.P. project was extended up to FRIDAY the 13th. How unlucky? LUCKY is that?!

3. Ala si Ms. d.s. yesterday and today. So were like in non- torture zone. O.A. naman ata yun! Heheh. But I just don't like her.

FriEndsHip Ann0unCemenTs:
o8- Faye!
09- Gabbie nd Tam!
10- Mommie Kiran!
11- Jane!
12- ehem... Limbeth!
and lastly...
and most importantly...

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mahn! If you think being the leader is SUPER COOL, well think again! It's really hard being the LEADER of the group. You have to do a lot of VERY IMPORTANT things. Sometimes, your members don't cooperate which leads you and your other groupmates to a bad grade. Then don't get me started on projects. Like right now, I'm stressing out about our BIGGEST project for the whole quarter. And because of my stupidness, I might be the reason why my groupmates will fail in science class! Okay, I know that I admitted to my close friends that I didn't like my groupmates but I know that their grades are important to them. ALSO MINE! This week is suppose to be the best week of my school days because we didn't have classes for almost over the week. It started last thursday because of the really STRONG typhoon. I know that it was like last weeks news but anyways, last thursday, I wasy worrying so much because I didn't even start doing my english project which was due the next day. Good thing our classes were suspended. I panicked so much and before the day could get any worse, BLACK OUT. Two words that would ruin my life. I worked on my project the whole day in front of a candle light. Then I remembered.. "omygoodness! My Filipino writer's autobiography!" It was included in our project. Guess what? THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY IS SAVED IN OUR COMPUTER!!!! I felt like crying so much. I haven't studied for the quiz bee and we have a chapter test in science the next day. Then my mother said, "Tumawag ako sa school, wala daw pasok tomorrow." Those were her exact words that saved my life. Then came this week. OCTOBER 5... the day that I would surely hate the most. The subission of our investigatory project. That's tomorrow!!! And I haven't even start yet! We're suppose to be making recycled paper. The question is: HOW? That's why I'm here today looking for ways for making recycled paper. I hate myself right now. For not planning this the week or even the month before! Now I'm cramming. And now I'll be the reason my whole group will fail in science class. *sigh* I've got to start doing this project...
I hope there'll be no classes tomorrow.
I hope that the electricity won't go back tomorrow in school.
I hope we'll have no classes up to friday.
I hope this quarter would be finished!!!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

grabe...dmi nang days w/o classes...nd ooh noo!!!submission na ng investigatory projct nmen sa thursday...di q alam yng ggwin q!!!!!!!!!!!dming projcts!!nxtnxt week na exams nmen!!!!!!!y is my lyf falling apart?!yah know wat...this is the day were i jst wish myself to be invinsible...to be on another planet...or better...TO BE HOMESCHOOLED!!!!! okay..i know its sound weird but...i think home schol's better than a regular school..although u cant have a ot of friends...but n e weiz... WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!!!!!yeah..i'm happy bout classes being suspended...but...y on the day b4 oct. 5????...or maybe...y can't the projct be due the next week?!!!!!or maybe...no projct in science!!!no GROUP projct!!!!!!!haii nku!!!!!

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